Vintage plush hair rollers size small/medium


  • Perfect for achieving vintage hair styles
  • Soft and comfortable to sleep in
  • No damage to hair
  • Size small/medium for short/medium hair lengths, perfect for fine hair thickness/
  • Perfect for every night use

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The innovative, ultra soft and the most comfortable way to achieve vintage curls and waves! No fuss, no heat, no damage!
Featured in Katt Panic’s videos “Pin up hair, no heat required,” “The Dita Challenge” and “Pin up hair for short hair,” these plush rollers are a must have for any pin up fanatic.
How to use:
Use on completely dry hair. Section hair into 1 inch sections if you have medium/thick hair, 1.5 sections if you have fine hair. Roll the hair around the middle of the plush roller keeping the ends of the hair tucked in tight. Roll towards the face, so the curls are all in the same downward direction away from the scalp. Once in place, snap the ends to secure the roller in place. Interlock each roller so they stay in place while you sleep!
In the morning, unsnap each roller and roll the hair out gently. Once all rollers have been removed, brush the hair in a downwards direction until desired style is achieved. Pin in place and spray with hair spray! Repeat every night between hair washings.
How long do they last?
Unlike other plush hair rollers, these are made with high quality quilting batting that has been pre rolled and stuffed into each roller to ensure longevity. These rollers with consistent wear will hold shape and width for about 1-4 years!
How to wash:
Machine washable. Use a garment bag to keep the rollers from getting lost or tangled in other garments while washing. Tumble dry on medium heat.


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