Beauty Parlour Beauty Oil


  • Versatile beauty oil that is vegan and cruelty free!
  • Beauty Parlour scent, inspired by the ambience of 1950s salons. Vanilla is prominent
  • 3 Scents to choose from
  • As used on the Dita Challenge
  • Locally made
  • Stylish bottle

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This vegan beauty oil is locally made here in Southern Alberta. It is vegan and cruelty free, and can be used for almost any beauty need. A mixture of natural oils that focus on hydrating from within, with a touch of essential oils to leave the perfect scent.
The miracle concoction was developed by the one and only Ginger Viking in Lethbridge Alberta, the beard care and beauty oil wizard himself. The scents are hand chosen by Katt, the focus being on vintage themes and inspirations.
This versatile oil is recommended for, but not limited to:
Hair oil.
For overall conditioning or a small amount to smooth over flyaways. Can be used as a hair mask, or added to a conditioner for extra nourishment. Great for static frizz, and or to help tame some unruly threads while creating vintage hair styles. For fine hair, use very little oil for flyaways and styling.
Bath oil.
In the Dita Challenge, Katt uses this oil in her luxurious baths. The scent used in the challenge is  called “Dita,” inspired by Ditas favourite things. Add this to your bath oil takes your experience up a notch by giving the water a silky feel while conditioning your body. The oils signature scent is the best addition to your bath time ritual!
Skin hydrating oil.
This oil is perfect for night time skin nourishment. Adding a few drops to a unscented moisturizing cream, you can lather yourself in its signature scent and its hydrating properties. On its own, a few drops in your hands and applied to the skin to get the full hydrating effect. Let the scent take you away into dream land while your skin drinks up! This oil can also be applied to healed tattoos, to brighten color. Take a drop or two, and apply to the skin of the healed tattoo and see a faded tattoo come back to life.
Disclaimer: Do not use on fresh or healing tattoos.
Cuticle Oil.
This oil has become a beloved stable in esthetician drawers here in Southern Alberta. Great for bringing an old cuticle back to life, it is a manicures best friend. The scent adds another level of spa like ambiance to your beauty care routine!
What’s in it?
A mixture of a natural oils such as coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, and signature scents from 100% essential oils.
How big is it?
This bottle holds 30 ML of oil.
Why Cruelty free?
We believe cosmetics should be used on humans, not animals!
What scents are there?
Every bottle has a subtle scent added!
Dita: A scent inspired by Dita Von Teese, and her favourite things. Lavender, vanilla, vintage and elegant.
Beauty Parlour: Inspired by a subtle scent of vanilla and a subtle hint of floral. This scent was inspired by beauty cosmetics in the 1950s, and the warm comforting feeling sitting in the beauty parlour being pampered.
Valentines: Inspired by vintage candy you would receive from your Valentine! Sweet and soft, this scent will whisk you away in a dream of sugar hearts and bonbons!


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